The reliable climate control that Trane has been recognized for now extends to connected home intelligence controls that give homeowners the power to stay completely in control remotely through any web-enabled device. Nexia Home Intelligence Systems can:

• Open, close and monitor your garage door even when you’re not home
• Turn lights on, off or dim them remotely
• Raise or lower the temperature in your home remotely
• Schedule front porch light to turn on automatically
• Control small appliances
• Remotely view what is happening inside your home
• Remotely view and record what is happening outside your home
• Get text or email alerts when a window or door has activity or movement
• Get text or email alerts when movement is detected
• Get a handle on your energy consumption with scheduling and use less energy when everyone’s away
• Lock or unlock doors remotely

As your needs grow, expand your Nexia Home Intelligence System by adding more components. In addition to being compatible with over 160 other connected devices, Nexia has dedicated customer support, a subscriber welcome program for onboarding, and the Best-In-Class set-up wizard for consumers. Nexia Home Intelligence is home automation made simple.

Nexia Remote Climate Access is included with the purchase of a connected control. Adding accessories to your Nexia Home Intelligence system requires a monthly subscription for remote access via most web-enabled smartphones and computers.