Franklin Heating Cooling and Refrigeration, Inc., is your trusted source to install and service hot water tanks. Our technicians will repair your water heater quickly and expertly, or if your hot water tank needs to be replaced, our staff will discuss all available options to help you conserve energy and your budget with options that meet your needs.

Because water heaters lose efficiency over time and often stop working with little or no notice, some homeowners decide to proactively explore options for replacements. It might be time to begin budgeting for a new unit if:

• your hot water heater begins to take longer to heat water to the desired temperature
• your energy bills begin to unexpectedly rise
• your hot water heater is 12-15 years old
• you are eligible for tax credits or energy rebates

To be sure that you aren’t replacing your hot water tank prematurely, give our office a call. We will give you an honest assessment of your equipment and help you explore all available options.

In addition to different sizes, makes and models, water heaters are also available in the tankless variety. Click to find out about tankless/instantaneous water heaters that use less energy and take up less space. Click here

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