TIPS if your water heater isn't working


TIPS if your water heater isn't working

First determine if your water heater is a gas or electric unit - and be sure to stay safe! Natural gas can explode. If you decide to attempt any repairs, make sure the gas is off. Any hot water still in the tank can be very hot. Take precautions not to get burned. Traditional water heaters hold an enormous amount of water; opening the drain valve will cause the water to empty quickly. Water can damage your home's furnishings or finishes as well as your personal belongings. Finally, if you decide to attempt any repairs, turn off the power. The combination of volts and amps in an electric water heater can be lethal. BE CAREFUL!

For Gas Water Heaters:
1. Check the pilot light.
2. Check, and if necessary, adjust the thermostat
3. Check all switches, fuses, and circuit breakers to be sure there is power to the unit.
4. Check the exhaust flue or vent to be sure it is not clogged.
5. Be sure the gas is on.

For Electric Water Heaters
1. Check the breaker and hit the reset button on the unit's heating element. Unfortunately, when the water heater is making either of these things trip, there is usually another problem.
2. Check, and if necessary, adjust the thermostat
3. Check for any loose wiring

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