Homeowners are taking precautions against power outages


Homeowners are taking precautions against power outages

High winds, traffic accidents involving utility poles, and surrounding construction have all been linked to power outages in the recent past in Central Ohio. Before spending another evening in the dark (either too cold or too hot) and without power, many homeowners are taking precautions and installing whole-house, automatic generators. You can eliminate the risks of unpredictable outages by installing your own whole-house, automatic generators.

In the past, homeowner would set up and operate portable generators in their driveway when they were without power. Extension cords would be run in the house to operate a refrigerator or freezer, but this meant that they were basically tethered to the house as they tended to the generator with fuel refills and kept watch over their home which couldn't be secured while cords were running through doors or windows to the generator outside.

Now, homeowners enjoy driving home to full power, while their neighbors sit in the dark, and they didn't lift a finger. Whole-house, automatic generators come on automatically when a power outage is sensed -- the process takes less than 10 seconds usually -- and shuts down automatically when power is restored. Unlike those portable generators of the past, whole-house generators aren't just running a few necessary appliances. These larger units can run the entire home's electric panel: washer, dryer, refrigerator, television, sump pump and even the home's air conditioner. Because they run on natural gas or propane and are wired right into the electrical service, homeowners do not have to fill gas tanks or run extension cords.

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