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Higher electric bills this winter?

With colder than normal temperatures this winter, you are most likely seeing a higher than normal electric bill this month. That's especially the case if you heat your home with electric.

We wanted to share information from AEP Ohio (please note, this text and information is directly from AEP):

There are many reasons your bill could have increased recently. Below are some possibilities:

Mother Nature
Your energy usage can creep up quickly when heating your home in the winter, which means higher than usual electric bills. There are a lot of factors at play-from how well your home is insulated to your furnace working overtime to combat the frigid weather we've experienced in Ohio lately. Homes with electric heating systems can see especially large jumps.

Electric Heat:
Even if you have lowered your thermostat, extremely cold weather can require your heating system to change how it operates. When the temperature outside falls below a certain degree, supplemental heat will automatically kick in to help your system run. In extreme cold periods, when heating needs are the highest, most of the heat provided comes from the less efficient supplemental heat. This is how your bill can increase, even if it seems you haven't done anything differently. If you have a heat pump and you manually switch your thermostat to emergency heat, your system will continue to use only your furnace until you manually change your settings back to the heat pump/automatic function.  This could increase your usage and billing considerably. Please consult your system's operating manual. This video will help you better understand your heat pump and how it works in cold temperatures:

Extra Billing Days:
It's normal for the number of days in each billing cycle to change from month to month. More days per cycle will cause your bill to be higher. You can see the number of days in your billing cycle on the front page of your bill.

Energy Supply Rates:
AEP Ohio delivers energy to your home and maintains power lines and equipment. Customers who select another company to supply their power through our lines may have different rates. See page three of your bill to learn about choosing who generates your power and visit www.energychoice.ohio.gov for energy providers and their rates.
Thank you for being a valued AEP Ohio customer.