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Avoid HVAC fire hazards

It's National Fire Prevention Week, is your home or business prepared?
Here are a few simple safety precautions we would like to share that may help keep your family safe & cozy this season.

• Make an escape plan for your home/business & practice it.
• Check your fire extinguisher, make sure it’s in good condition & placed in an easy to reach area.
• Keep the areas around your furnace and hot water tank clear of combustible materials.
• Don't overload electrical outlets.
• Never use portable generators indoors.
• Have your furnace/boiler inspected & maintained annually by a qualified technician.
• Change your furnace’s air filter regularly.
• Make sure your furnace exhaust system is properly sized and your chimney, connector pipes, and flues are cleaned and inspected each year.
• Test smoke alarms monthly

Having your HVAC equipment serviced can lessen the chances of a fire.
We provide a variety of preventative maintenance plans to keep your HVAC equipment operating at peak performance, please give us a call at 614-836-9119.

If you would like to see more safety tips check out the safety sheets from the NFPA